BPS - No Compromise Security Force


Tom Parrella, President, brings a vast array of both practical experience and education to our firm. Believing knowledge conquers fear, Tom has a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Tom has spent time both in the government and the private sector. He is a certified firearms instructor and continually trains and teaches at various locations.

Bulletproofs operators and instructors come from a vast array of backgrounds ranging from military, police, and private sector backgrounds. Bulletproof designates operators with the appropriate skill sets for each individual contract if and when the contract is accepted. Bulletproof strives to create secure environments to allow good people to exercise their freedoms.

Our client’s confidentiality is held to the utmost importance. Our clients require security for many reasons and most wish to remain anonymous. Because of this, it is our company policy to NEVER discuss our clients outside of a Bulletproof Securities meeting room.

When facing a potentially volatile situation, you will need a No Compromise Security Force, Bulletproof Securities Inc.